Architectural education has encouraged me to design proposals that consider cultural and social issues of the users. A desire to improve the local area and enhance the lives of the residents. I’m fond of proposals that are delicate to their local context and involve the collaboration of immediate businesses.

My approach to architecture focuses on designing the urban environment through process of analysing the areas qualities, layers and historical past. From this, unique elements can be formed. I enjoy the strategical side to designing and applying details. Applying theory to projects is also important. 

Our Thesis project

Our thesis focused on the notion of tightening and intensifying the formal properties of squares through altering the boundary of spaces, placement of objects and connections of routes. Comparing and sketching our own historical drawings helped establish what versions of Rawson Square were successful. Improving its elements would provide more enclosure and interaction. The following Interventions were:

1. Placement of the Oastler Statue tightening Rawson Square  2. Bradford inspired tensile canopy  narrowing the square and forming individual public spaces. 3. Pedestrianising Rawson Square

Next, the poorly utilised old Rawson Market block was re-designed by analysing its historical past. We re-imagined the old, demolished markets, helping us develop something unique such as:

1.Residential block with courtyard and public gallery 2. New open-air market with a contemporary canopy roof. 3. Performance and market space  4. Redevelopment of the listed buildings.

‘’Public squares, or plazas, were then of prime necessity, for they were theatres for the principal scenes of public life, which today take place in closed halls.’’ (Sitte,1889)