The UK agricultural land use is highly inefficient with agriculture making up 70% of land and only 25% being arable. The majority of the rest is dedicated to livestock rough grazing. Not only is the majority of land in the whole of the UK unusable, but it also does not compensate in terms of ecology and biodiversity. Although so much land is dedicated to food, the existing food and land use system is extremely inefficient. There is over a 50% loss within an end-to-end system due to poor planning of farming practices, water allocation, and the human habit of extreme food waste. The current climate crisis implicates further risk at a rapid pace for future land use, food security, and ecology.

Revolution meats is a scheme that aims to combat such issues. It is created as a prototype for other livestock farms. It highlights the extreme benefits of transforming a beef cattle farm into a plant-based meat farm in terms of water, land efficiency, ecology, biodiversity, and climate change. 

Aside from the health benefits of plant-based meat over beef, the reduction in land required to produce the same amount of “meat” as the existing farm on-site is eye-opening. The mass amount of freed-up land produces a unique opportunity to reintroduce natural landscapes, promote biodiversity, improve existing ecology, and create beautiful green spaces that are actually productive.