My position on architecture today is compliant with those of Patrick Schumacher and Zaha Hadid. Architecture today is too homogeneous, and in my opinion, over the last 70 years there has been little development in the discourse, what progress has been made, has been contributions towards engineering rather than architectural. I have designed a tower which applies to my personal position of a balanced homogeneous and heterogeneous building which also conforms to social and political agendas. My proposal was carried out via parametricism, which uses extreme figuration and sensitive variables. This methodology utilises complex forms and the application of parameters and using software’s such as Rhino grasshopper to carry this out. Using parametricism this allows for a flow and movement like nature, which includes multitudes of geometries, moving and intertwining with each other. The proposal is an office tower using an Exoskeleton as one of its main structural elements, the spaces which are featured in my tower is a Public café, public workspace, collaborative office, private breakroom, and intimate office. Spaces like the public workspace, collaborative office and private break room, feature voids in the floor plates and push backs as it creates porosity in the tower. Additionally, given the current climate our office space had to respond to a post covid workspace, so having prosity in the spaces allowed more air to flow through along with the addition of the active system such as the mechanical venation. Furthermore, the spaces were articulated using parametric similogies which uses a distorted grid based on the program, so public spaces such as café and public workspace, use a more open grid while the private spaces utilise a more closed grid. The need to design using parametricism is to create spaces that provide better architecture that what we see today, and how we feel in spaces.