Current lunch options around the university campus are unhealthy, unnatural and even toxic to the human body. In the current political and environmental context, it is clear that these options are not sustainable or resilient to the future of the campus. Subway, fast food restaurants and instant noodles are common lunch options for students and these foods often contain harmful substances and chemicals that damage the human body and the environment. It is understandable as these options are cheap, fast and good to eat, and the busy schedule of students and teachers prompts them to undermine their health. To respond to this, I aim to introduce a healthier, more natural and enjoyable food substitute such that students and all users around the university campus can experience as well as maintaining the pros of fast food. 

A fresh bowl of noodles is my response to unhealthy fast food. From production to consumption to waste, this meal will be produced on site from scratch but most importantly, it is a healthy substitute. Furthermore, modern technology enables it to be economically and quickly produced, which will suit the limited time and money of students with a minimal effect on the environment.

My building will showcase a factory space (where noodles are made from scratch), consumption space (where noodles will be consumed), Education space (wehre users will learn how to hand make noodles), delivery component (where noodles are transported through the use of conveyor belts).