Location of the project: All Saints building, MMU Campus, Manchester, England

The project explores the concept of how food shapes our architecture and identity with a focus on the future of the university campus, local communities, egg production and indoor harvesting. The scheme’s proposition promotes slow eating (grown on-site, local, seasonal) and emphasizes the importance of mindful consumption as a daily practice. 

Big changes start with a reevaluation of the mindset - the person in the mirror. The concept of the building is an introduction to the story of food production. It isn’t a space of confrontation but a place of exposure and vulnerability to things often unseen and forgotten in the current times. The building promotes open-mindedness and reflection of Our relationship with food.

Additionally, the proposal allows students and communities to have direct access and exposure to indoor farming. It improves the university education by teaching not only theoretical knowledge but also providing practical opportunities from the campus. Exposure and physical contact make people kinder and more empathetic towards things that once was unknown to them.