My name is Malak Hussein, I am a very ambitious individual and eager to achieve my goals in the Architecture field, as well as outside. While studying MA Architecture and Urbanism I was able to learn different skills from all of my tutors, I also had the opportunity to create symposium paper with a Phd student (A Collaborative Study into Mary Mitchell as a Reflexive Landscape Designer and the Discovery of a Lost Landscape) which resulted in winning the competition, as well as publishing a paper in a group with my studio tutors Antonio Blanco Pastor and Mazin Al Saffar ( Toward a sustainable urban form: A comparative analysis between two cases of urban regeneration: Crewe UK and Barahona de Fresno ). I like to get out of my comfort zone by taking advantage of all the opportunities that come my path to make me a better designer.

The work which is uploaded on this profile is a glimpse of some of my projects which I completed while studying MA Architecture and Urbanism, I am interested in expressing my work by using mixed materials, this can be identified in my portfolio. My next step is to finish and complete my MArch Architecture Part 2 in MMU, towards my goal of becoming an official architect and owning my own firm. While completing my Masters I am looking always looking to expand my field experience further by looking at the opportunities available at certain design companies which I can add and develop my skills further as a designer.