Certified Architect from India with professional practicing experience of four years, with a keen interest to learn about cities and its communities. As the part of MA A+U, I did Studio B_C project focusing on building a better community life at Mayfield, Manchester and dissertation on Dharavi, a slum settlement in Mumbai, India.

Rethinking Mayfield: Uncovering Community Life in a Derelict Infrastructure

Link: https://issuu.com/zaibaahamed92/docs/re-thinking_mayfield_-_uncovering_community_life_i

 Mayfield is a brownfield at the edge of Manchester city center. Mayfield is all set for re-development approved by the Manchester City Council. The Mayfield re-development project approved by Council is an enclosed development that will further enhance the barrier between the inner-city and adjacent wards. The barrier already exists in the form of Mancunian Way. Therefore, through the thesis, I am trying to bring forward a counter-proposal for Mayfield’s re-development project. The proposal will aim at bringing the community of Ardwick closer to the inner-city neighborhood. I am proposing a DIY community which will be the main emphasis of Mayfield, along with creative industries, performance spaces, retail, cafes, restaurants and temporary festivals and food markets. The urban concepts dealt in this project are urban blight, urban neighborhood and communities and cities for women.

Urban Segregation in the centre of Mumbai. The slum Dharavi: Between exclusion and resilience

Link: https://issuu.com/zaibaahamed92/docs/dissertation_summative_zaiba_20060251

The study explores the concept of urban segregation and resilience The focus of the study is to understand the reason for permanent presence of slum cluster of Dharavi in the centre of Mumbai city.