The A&U course has provided a lot of new experiences. I have particularly enjoyed developing knowledge around ways of thinking about the city and urban design. 

The samples here are from my design thesis, which looked at connecting potential sites for development in Toxteth, Liverpool. The aim was to create a 'strolling route', which would increase footfall and encourage a revival of local business in the area.

The starting point was the creation of a landmark site. This site was to become a meeting place and something that the local community could feel a sense of pride about.

The option chosen was a health and wellbeing centre on the site of a disused church. Known locally as the Welsh Church, it is currently in a state of decay and is close falling into complete ruin. The proposal included a lido, a bouldering centre, a gym, and studio space.

The area around the site was landscaped to encourage a sense of openness and community, but also safety, especially for minors using the play areas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my tutors, especially Dominic Sagar, who saw us all through a particularly challenging covid year.