I am a graduating Part II student from Manchester School of Architecture and have been part of the atelier; InfraStructure Space over the last 2 years of my Masters. My interests stem from understanding the management of complex systems through understanding transportation infrastructure and the co-ordination of simultaneous transition to occur at main transitional nodes to support connectivity and navigation between spaces.

URSA, the Urban Resilience Scoring Algorithm was developed in collaboration with Jerry Yang and Grace Yu through a heavily research driven methodology to create an algorithmic tool that would determine the requirements for development for an area to achieve Urban Resilience. The project aims to tackle issues of “Wicked Problems” within the current and proposed White Paper planning model through quantifying issues to allow comparison and evaluation by an apolitical and unbiased means.

Additionally, the application of URSA on a district scale was also considered through an Industrial landscape. The site chosen was Knowsley Industrial Park in Kirkby which is currently in decline due to shrinkages in the manufacturing industry to a more service based model as well as lack of infrastructure requirements from the built environment to support current and future needs.

The project envisions the phased integration of a Gigafactory with additional requirements for Urban Resilience through URSA to create the Gigafactory Campus and will identify a phased development of the district based on the remaining lifespan of the existing built fabric.