My interests revolve around architecture that is not only functional, but also beneficial for its context, site and users. In my projects I try to balance the building programme between essential spaces and elements of pure joy. During my studies within CiA atelier, I have gained knowledge on creating a structure that coexists well with the context. As the outcome is largely based on site analysis, I can say that my approach is letting the place tell the story and transforming the story into a space. Nevertheless, I am not only interested in contextualism, but also environmental factors. Material reuse and passive building strategies are two of the ways I try to lessen the impact building industry creates.

USUS is located in the Top of Town conservation area in Bradford, UK. It is a home for three clients- Fuse Art Space (art gallery, theatre performance space, workshop, studio), Bradford Civic Society (offices, event hall) and Assembly (offices). The name USUS [from Latin- use, experience], because the main agenda is to work on building’s use and experiences created. It focuses on how voids can shape solids and simultaneously create multiple experiences for users, while main­taining beneficial design for both environment and context. The building not only ‘brings’ a garden in the middle of the town centre, but also reuses sandstone, windows and pavement and is mainly operated by passive systems, such as solar chimneys and natural ventilation.

To summarise, the building is designed for different experiences. It is there like a poetry book open for any­one to read. No two people will understand it the same way because there is no right way. ‘Poetry lies in the meeting of poem and reader, not in the lines of symbols printed on the pages of a book’ Jorge Luis Borges.