This project explores the issues that stem from the ‘cancel culture’ and its impact on social habits in the 21st Century. This analysis is then used to explore the pitfalls of the UK’s attitude towards prison. By applying a dystopian setting through the use of cartoons and architecture, these pitfalls become more visible and tangible. 

This project is explored through graphical illustrations to better encapsulate the experience of incarceration within the correctional facility. Many of the ideas explored here are draconian and reflect a backward way of thinking about incarceration. Illustrating these ideas through cartoons creates a sense of irony, satire, and helps maintain a fictitious narrative.

The Correctional Facility is situated on the topical site of Owens Park Student Campus in Fallowfield, Manchester, which has recently been under fire for 'caging' in students with hoarding and its appalling quality. It is designed with the purpose of 'correcting' non-conformers of 21st Century social habits into more obedient citizens through rehabilitation, education, and labour.

If you would like to see more cartoons and further explanation of this project, please visit my website using the link provided.