Re-imagining Rawson Place:

Historically speaking, the region surrounding Rawson place was a very lively and a happening space with the Church, marketplace and a circus located here. Over the years, the old charm has been lost and currently, there isn’t much energy associated with this area. The new scheme is a proposal to re-imagine Rawson Place, and tries to bring back life to this square.

This proposal is a modern extension to the Rawson hotel which seamlessly fits in with the surrounding context. The programme caters towards three clients namely: (i) Fuse Art Gallery; (ii) Bradford Civic Society; (iii) Assembly (co-working spaces) who share the same building. The exhibition space located at the centre of this scheme links all the clients together. Further, the highlights of this project include a central court which offers a peaceful space in the city centre and connects this proposal with the existing framework.