The project is re-imagination of buildings for three clients - Assembly co-working spaces, Fuse art gallery and Bradford Civic Society (BCS). The new design in Bradford City explores the notion of visual experience that leads a person to enter the building. The route taken up to the entrance of the Fuse art gallery, allows a peak into the art gallery with a designed gallery walk, where the boundary of an outside/inside threshold is broken – surrounded by trees and large wooden columns reflecting a forest in the middle of the city. The oval shaped square created by the organic forms of the buildings attract visitors from different directions. Materials like sandstone and timber were chosen for the new buildings to feel as an extension of the current site, fitting between the surrounding sandstone buildings.  A gallery, auditorium, cafes, offices and library create a new area of well-being, culture and tranquility. Through analysis of the surrounding context and contextualism, the building is created to fit into the site and emphasise the beauty of the surrounding Grade II listed buildings and attracting passers-by to a new artistic square.