The newly repurposed Mancunian Way that once blocked the city has been reimagined as a public dining table where people from different walks of life come together to break bread.

From heart to stomach, Food for Thought is a unique dining experience for all. It focuses in on seasonal food grown on site via sustainable farming both above and below the Mancunian Way. The interactive menu increases accidental interactions between the two communities once divided by the motorway through a love of sharing food.

Dining is designed from back to front, where the public become the menu designer with the idea of minimising food waste always in mind. This forms the end goal of becoming part of the urban circular food system; a theory based on a closed loop of sustainable dining.

How do you create a state of change within a community? Shock them.

Food for Thought begins with a series of temporary shock architecture interventions, named The City’s Portrait. They expose the city’s waste problem by presenting the communities own waste back to them via raised transparent containers. The waste containers are emptied and refilled weekly. This will activate a physical state of change with a reduction of waste being produced. Digest, Recycle and Decompose are three sites along the Mancunian Way that focus in on food, plastic and textile waste retrospectively.