Mancunian Way is a disregarded relic, with Cambridge Street Junction an ode to its neglect. There is a distinct lack of engagement from the surrounding residents with Mancunian Way and with each other. This project proposes a way of reintroducing people with the Mancunian Way, and the potential it has to bring people together, and learn how to engage with the Mancunian Way positively again. The proposal takes steps towards mitigating climate change, looking forward to a sustainable future of Manchester, encouraging the interaction of people with flora, with reseeding and planting across the site both inside and out of the building.

Sitting above the Mancunian Way are the Light and Dark Gardens, whilst below is the Underbelly. The underbelly as the heart of the site is designed to be used as a multifunctional space, where the true interaction of all users can take place. This explicit user interaction is then lost in the flora of the exterior, which invites the visitor a journey of exploration, through which they can navigate in their own manner, both vertically and laterally. Taking them on a journey from the ground to the tip of the trees, or delving into the building which again puts them amongst the plants whilst looking down over the city. The building encourages the user to pause, to take in their surroundings, and to enjoy the unique space they find themselves in.

Exploring a biophilic approach to architecture, The Gardens of Mancunia will engage the user with the nature, with one another, and with Mancunian Way, encouraging exploration and movement through space and levels.