Archiving the feminist movement through exhibiting the development in women’s workwear throughout the years. The project is a museum building that exhibits the development in women’s workwear from the first wave of feminism to the fourth and current wave of feminism. The form of the building is intended to portray development in a form of inverted stairs that is developing and increasing in the form to the top. The museum building accommodates programmes such as café space on the first floor, consulting service on the second floor, and exhibition spaces on both the third and fourth floor. The project takes into account the current pandemic situation. The symmetrical plans of the building are intentional for easier navigation inside of the building as well as for a clear one-way system in and out of the building. Sustainability is one of the main priorities of this project. The main material of the building is made up of recycled concrete and the construction system is a pre-cast construction, both emit less carbon emission to the environment. The environmental system of the building composed of photovoltaic panels for electricity, rainwater harvesting for water, natural cross ventilation for cooling as well as double-skin façade and thermal mass for heating. Concrete is chosen as the main material of the building for its earthy visual that fits very well within the site context. The landscape central space is developed with the intention to promotes conversation and discussion between people nonchalantly about feminist movement.