My proposal is to design a pandemic resistant food court in a park in Firswood, Manchester, which achieves all 8 RIBA sustainable outcomes. This design uses ETFE bubbles as a facade to filter natural light and provides heat insulation to reduce operational carbon. Since ETFE bubbles are super lightweight, they can reduce needed structure compared to glasses. The roof double printed ETFE bubbles block direct radiation from the south but allow diffuse light from the north to enter. There are also membrane PV cells to harvest solar energy.

To make it pandemic resistant, there are digital order machines and drive-thru service at the back to reduce human contact when necessary. The spacious interior also allows flexible seating arrangement. All the facade can be open to allow natural ventilation.

This design aims to let people enjoy the return of social space, seeing the green view outside the ETFE bubbles while having their meals also reducing the economic burden from the government.