This project reimagines a service station to accomodate regular users for gas and resting points for truck drivers  as well as entice new visitors. The site is rural and desolate- the introduction of tourism via a farm tour service station with interactive tours as well as photographic opporunities will encourage tourists and young, social media enthusiastic visitors. Farming provides healthy eating options as an alternative to regular fast food that caters to the ill health of long haul truck drivers. Amenities and tour programmes will encourage walking to better the overall health of all visitors; providing an element of exercise that especially truck drivers lack. The produce grown will be served in restaurants and a foodshop rather than a 7/11 type convenience store to cater to both people passing through and people staying for the full experience.

The Restaurant space provides outward views of the entire landscape and directs the user straight to the main point of visitation. It is angled mostly on views and takes precdeent from the nueue nationalgalerie museum; as a glass box- but the show elements are on the outside. It is set up on a podium for multiple and maximum views; as well as to stand out and act as an achor for the site.

This project has helped me to further my love for food with a deeper understanding of where ingredients are sourced, as well as to develop new skills that I was skeptical of trying at first, such as rendering and digital modelling.