About me -

I believe our purpose lies in creating socially and sustainably resolved architecture that provides wellbeing and a focus on future generations and communities. My enthusiasm is for regenerating and developing civic and cultural areas - creating well-thought-out designs for people to live and thrive. Whilst enjoying large-scale urban planning projects I also am interested in adaptive reuse where I can design at a more intimate scale incorporating design research and translating theory to practice. 

The Layered Enclave - Compressing the Urban with the detail.

The layered enclave aims to bring together a collective of redundant and vacant buildings within the outskirts of Bradford’s City centre. These island plots follow the hidden beck and historic waterway of Bradford, bringing together lost artefacts and forgotten buildings along the route.

The development becomes a catalyst for individual characters to be recognised in a collective scenery, as well as leading to social integrity. The plan utilises the existing buildings and adds new interventions with a modern interpretation evoking a dialogue and tension between the old and the new, creating a city of prophecy and memory where its own characters are celebrated.

The new enclaved community provides a hub of activities and interactions within various generations and communities. The framework of characteristics developed based on Bradford aims to bring a migration of people towards the city providing new communities that run along the beck, enhancing life, the environment, and the artefacts of Bradford. This creates not only an urban layering of connected sites but a layering of the communities, right down the layering of detail within the design.