AMAZON INTERCHANGE is a proposed service station that situates in 2050 when transportation systems in the U.K. moves into new, smarter sources of energy and modes of transport. The project proposes a physcial and technological infrastructure that sits along M58 motorway to support future transportation innovations and as well as providing services for motorway users/vehicles.

The service station is a flexible and expandable interchange hub that responses to society’s shift in instant demanding lifestyle where cargo, services and products are expected to be sent and recieved at a rapid rate. It supports the flow freight and as well as human with robust infrastructure, reliable public services and effective transport network that connects seamlessly with existing modes of transportation. Within the service station, it can be concieved as an urban incubator where mobility, autonomy, connectivity hydrogen-powered etc. infrastructure concepts are constantly being tested and improved. It provides a communal space for locals, tourists, technologies companies, start-ups to meet, collaborate and aim towards achieving a carbon-neutral society. 

With the seemingly inevitable cobot revolution where human and robots work harmoniously together, the project intends to explore how dramatically future transportation will be shaped and in what approach will architecture respond to this emerging new dimension of transit. 

Given Amazon’s wide diversity in sectors and visions in infrastructure innovations, it is chosen  as an example of what future service station would look like when one of the fastest growing companies operates it.  The design segregates prime and non-prime members and reflects what a realistic business model would look like. It raises the question of whether these business model promotes classism and should be accpeted in the society or not.