In this project, we are asked to design a future service station at the unrealised junction 2 of M58. Instead of developing on how the service station would serve the transport mode of future vehicles, I decided to focus on changing the experience of the users in the service station. 

I started by looking into the health of drivers. It is found out that frequent drivers have are both physically and mentally unhealthy. It is because of being not able to stretch or exercise their body for a long period of time and their daily activity space is mostly limited within the confined space. Using this as the initial driver, I decided to design a structure which aims to improve people's health and lifestyle. 

The main feature of my service station is that vehicles are stored in an underground car park seperated from humans. Visitors are forced to go up to elevated walkways which connects different facilities and ultimately leads to the exit. It is to stop the phenomenon of people immediately returning to their vehicles after getting what they want in service stations.

Sports facilities such as muli-sports court and running trach is merged into the service station. The structure is built within a forest, hoping to provide a closer connection between visitors and the nature to improve their mental wellbeing. It is hoped in the future visitors expand from merely drivers who arrived to take a rest but also people living nearby who visit on purpose in order to exercise.