How can we evoke emotions of nostalgia, to  experience unique memories, allowing us to return to the irreversible past?

The lack of visible heritage on the Fallowfield loop (Floop) has driven the desire to create a space allowing residents to reunite with their beloved past once again. The increased fast-paced lifestyle, that has become the reality of today’s society, often has devastating effects for many. People are all too often resorting to the feeling of Nostalgia in order to reflect on the slow paced and joyous experiences once lived.

This project looks at the creation of spaces within the building and site design, through the use of atmospheric properties, as well as sensory experiences, in order to evoke emotions of nostalgia. A sensory experience, coupled with the preservation of individuals memories in the form of time capsules, allows not only for the current community access to nostalgic emotions, where individuals can learn and reflect form one another’s experiences and memories, but also the ability for future generations as they create new ‘past’ experiences and store within the capsule.

The proposal aims to incorporate spaces of reflection, contemplation, seclusion, tranquillity and inclusivity for the community. A series of rooms in the form of a journey provide emotion evoking feelings that provide triggers for thought, depending on the individual. The sequence of spaces takes users on a journey through the transitions between the interior and exterior, where the user can feel connected to the natural environment.

The existing site has a clear division between the neighbouring residential areas and the ‘Floop’. Improving connectivity around the site was important in the development of the proposal, enabling easy access and inclusion of local residents with the development and natural surroundings. The addition of community allotments, planted areas and the preservation and integration of history rich structures such as the lattice bridge, adds to the personal culture and heritage of the community and area.