Building A Better Blackpool: The Revoe Review



This project aims to identify the key problems causing social exclusion, deprivation and poverty in the UK’s most deprived area. It will then outline an urban re-imagination of the town’s most deprived community - Central Drive - with the highest national rates for violent crime, drug and alcohol abuse and fatal traffic accidents. Blackpool also has the worst rates of GP- and self-diagnosed depression in the UK.

Building A Better Blackpool

The first stages of the masterplan involved developing a masterplanning framework, from which a more detailed urban design proposal can be manifested. The research led to the conclusion that the introduction of new public transport infrastructure, namely an extension to the Blackpool Tramway, would allow the town to combat deprivation relating to unemployment, a lack of income, and time-based deprivation. Relying on cars to get you from A to B can be prohibitively expensive, and with new tram connections to Blackpool Victoria Hospital, Zoo, Airport and Hawes Side, the people of Blackpool can travel safely, efficiently and easily to work, recreational activities and more.

The Revoe Review

Building upon the masterplanning framework, the Revoe Review identifies key opportunity areas and develops these in more detail. It outlines the overall masterplan, including building use and green infrastructure. It also provides details of the landscaping strategy, urban design proposals and materiality; including finer details such as street furniture, sustainable urban drainage systems and facade details.

The aim was to make Revoe a desirable place to live, improve the range and accessibility of services and facilities and break down the physical and psychological barriers that Central Drive imposes. The masterplan provides a strong sense of character to provide the catalyst for long-lasting and immediate change for the people of Blackpool who have suffered for so long.