The DISconnect Building is a possible solution for solving the connectivity issues that are apparent in the UK. Serving as a test bed the proposal proves that it is possible to not only improve the delivery system of goods by combining different infrastructures but it also has the possibility to ‘revive’ infrastructures that would otherwise be forgotten. By reorganising and categorising the priority of deliveries, there is a possibility for these goods to be distributed more efficiently .

The proposed scheme also presents an autonomous hybrid way of living that allows these societies to be able to thrive even if not directly connected to pre-existing towns. Through remote work, residents have the ability to stay connected to their workplace and to the natural environment they are surrounded by. All activities on site are organised by and for the residents making the recreational area unique. Due to its proximity, Maghull residents are also encouraged to use the building facilities which would create more diverse socio-economic relationships.

The residential scheme allows for the private outdoor experience. Each flat has an individual private balcony that acts as their own private garden. The residential blocks also feature inserted gardens that allow interaction between neighbours allowing for views and ventilation through the scheme.

It is apparent that the DISconnect Building proposal is a solution for the population to move to the suburban and countryside areas, allowing them to stay connected making the most of the city and rural life style.

The scheme as a whole can be applied to different areas around the UK that exhibit a similar conditions of isolation.