‘Archiving pedagogical methods to increase opportunity and aspiration from a young age.’

My project addresses the diverse physiological, cognitive, and cultural needs of different learners through the creation of inclusive learning spaces. Traditional classroom settings are outdated and inappropriate for thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, especially those with learning difficulties. I proposed the design of A Living Archive that provides an educational space for teachers, parents & young people aiming to increase their opportunity and aspiration. Through the exploration of pedagogical theories, I reflected these spatially focusing on connecting and inspiring learners of all abilities, whilst simultaneously introducing teachers and parents to innovative pedagogical methods, transferrable to the classroom or home.

My project aims to generate a sense of comfort and familiarity through the geometry of the home, encouraging young people to learn in a safe space. Smaller, more intimate learning zones are located throughout to support those who require calmer, quieter learning environments. Children have the opportunity to 'breakout' from the main learning space, allowing them to learn in a more stimulating environment if necessary. Sensory elements are integrated throughout the learning spaces ranging from the texture of board-marked concrete to the soft materiality of timber.

The final stage of my project was marketing my scheme to young people, teacher & parents. To sell my scheme I created 2 corresponding posters presented in a playful way to the reader. The jigsaw puzzle pieces highlight the different journeys of young people whilst reflecting the geometry of the facade as a reminder that this is a safe space to learn.