STUDIO B AND C- Reviving the lost identity of Maharaj Bada

Gwalior is a cultural, industrial, and historical city located in Madhya Pradesh, India. There are innumerous famous architectural monuments. People of Gwalior are most fond of food and market shopping which are available all over Gwalior. Maharaj Bada is one of the significant attractions located in the ‘heart of the city’ Gwalior, where seven different styles of architectural monuments can be seen, and there are several small and big markets situated at or near Maharaj Bada. But the place faces traffic, overcrowdedness, congestion and noise all the time. 

Initially, the project focuses on solving the existing issues of traffic, crowdedness or noise by diverting vehicular and pedestrian movements and then aims to bring back the losing identity of place. First, the design introduces more pedestrian space and parks for people to interact, gather, promote cultural activities, celebrate festivals and many more things—secondly, the creation of a new market designed in the similar architecture of Gwalior or surrounding buildings. The market provides spaces for street vendors such as potters, handmade jewellers, boot polishers and others which are ignored presently. Market design considering the crowd management and pedestrian movement will provide a smooth shopping experience. 

The overall project encourages to stop vehicular movement in the market, providing enough space to the pedestrians, multipurpose parks and areas for people’s activity and market for everyone aiming to increase the quality of life of people.