Projected by Jiao Xie, Junjie Su, Siyu Xie, Menghan Chen

For the full project, we started at site analysis, more specifically, the landscape analysis and population growth. We founded that the green spaces in the Northern Gateway were broke by roads and buildings newly built for city sprawl, and the population will grow to 45,000 in next 15 to 20 years. As a result, we focus on how to rebuild a connected and accessible green spaces network and provide sufficient housing and livable neighborhoods for residents in the future.

Thesis Statement


The current green spaces in Northern Gateway were fragmented and population are projected to raise to 45,000 in next one decade.


Through the Patch Dynamic and Ecological Corridor, we understand how to build a systematic green network, and we are also looking at the links between buildings with different functions and environment surrounding based on guidance of Agent Based Model (ABM). Using those theories, we have possibilities to tackle the challenge that we choose.


With the guidance of architect’s data and circle parking, we gain total indicators for different functional area, and then input the total parameters in the model. After that, we got generative options with different control rules. Besides, we have created our own evaluation system in terms of biodiversity and wellbeing to assess and compare those options and choose an optimized one that could address the fragment issue as well as offer residents more accessibility to green spaces in the future.