Meditopia village is a phantasmagorical re-imagine of the Free Trade Zone in Warrenpoint, where pharmaceutical production and tourism are hybridised forming a new cross border community to streamline the UK pharmaceutical supply chain.

The pharmaceutical industry is subjected to more regulations than any other sector in the UK. The result of Brexit will cause delays to the entire drug supply chain, meaning patients not receiving their life-saving vaccine, especially sitting in the current COVID-19 crisis where speed is the key to winning the fight. The zone will be ruled outside the regulatory framework where products can be imported, export freely, and manufacture on-site eliminating the impact from custom duties.

In alignment with the local and national sustainability targets, the village will be operating in a self-sufficient closed-loop system. Residents are encouraged to grow organic vegetables, livestock, and active pharmaceutical ingredients in supporting the drug development process. The production pier will become a predominant border crossing experience, the journey is designed for both active and passive tourists to find the activity most suited their purpose and participate as part of the process. 

Meditopia aims to challenge the traditional face of free trade zone in a pharmaceutical setting. With the goal of fast-pace the research and development process for this pandemic, while bringing social, economical, and environmental benefits to vibrant the rural community. The scheme can become an innovative model for future free trade zone development.