Living and studying in Manchester made me feel the charm of this city and learn about the history of the industrial revolution. Since the Industrial Revolution, human beings have begun to transform nature on a large scale, cities have begun to expand, and a series of urban issues have followed - gentrification´╝îprivately owned public space etc. 

The purpose of this portfolio is to present a project in  the former Central Retail Park in Ancoats and try to respond to the theme "How do we live together?"This project is not only to provide a public space gathering people together and creating a sense of community but also encourage people to learn more about nature. By participating in "garden+" activities, people living in cities have the opportunity to learn about the sowing and harvesting of food and observe the growth of plants.

Finally, the coronavirus crisis had highlighted the importance of outdoor spaces for communities. By providing walkable public space to breathe fresh air and producing safe organic fruits and vegetables to eat, an agriculture community would provide people with a healthier lifestyle during the epidemic crisis.