Once a spine of Pune city, Mula-Mutha river, today has reduced to nothing but a dead space with its people turning their back on it.Due to rapid industialisation, the city has seen immense growth in population over the years, resulting in massive pollution levels and loss of city's green cover. The macro level proposal involves the use of mixed use neighbourhood planning concept combined with various smart city approaches like smart connectivity, smart infrastructure, smart technology and smart enviornment, to provide a better future (vision 2050). The micro level proposal aims to rethink the way we design our work enviornment. Today, people spend most of their days working in their offices which are usually dull blocks of glass and concrete with minimum or no contact with nature whatsoever. The proposal thus lays out strategies to bring workplaces closer to the natural environment and hence breaking the monotony. Both these proposals aim to improve the condition of both Pune and its people. It aims to bring down the carbon footprint of the city by increasing its green cover, pedestrianising the streets, incorporating more efficient publc transport systems and adopting sustainable design methods. 

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