A certified Architect from India with a desire to design a better environment using the tried and tested traditional method with modern technology for a sustainable future. 

My thesis project aims to analyze a Global problem of informal settlements in a local context and providing a possible solution by providing an alternative way of how we look at slum redevelopment. Furthermore, the strategy is not only meant for Dharavi but it can be evolved and applied globally to uplift slums, creating more socially active communities around the world.

Link to my Studio B&C Project is https://issuu.com/rahuljain79/docs/rahul.19082625_studio_b___c_report

The dissertation aims to understand the issues with the existing and proposed situation in terms of both physical and social attributes with the case of Dharavi in Mumbai, India, and providing strategies for a socially integrated slum intervention solution. The dissertation also helps in creating the initial research for the Studio B&C project.

Link to my dissertation is https://issuu.com/rahuljain79/docs/dissertation___19082625___rahul._deepak_kumar_jain