I major in Architecture during my undergraduate study ,after geting my bachelor degree in 2019,I decided to come to Manchester School of Architecture to study Architecture and Urbanism.The reason why I  immediately chose to continue my study rather than working as an Architect is that I am determined to become an urban planner working for the government of my hometown,which is a lovely small city in China.I love my hometown,I love the place where I was born and I hope to make it a better place  with the help of my specialized knowledge.I really appreciated the opportunity to get a better understanding and broader view about the current situation which mainly cities are faced with and the well-equipped facilities,faculty as well as excellent platforms that MSA offers.

I am keen on sports especially football and the football culture,clubs,and the stadiums here are absolutely perfect in Manchester.I used to be the football team leader of department during my undergraduate period and in the first formation in my university team when had games with teams from other university.

I hope to achieve something in Architecture and Urban planning when taking up working posts.