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For Old Trafford, Manchester United Football Stadium and Cricket Stadium are attractive, but only on match days, and visitors won’t stop there for a long time after matches. Therefore,in the new tourism route, the plan is to strengthen the route from Football Stadium to Cricket Stadium, which is making the area more vibrant and people more willing to stay. In the new route, some new plans and the square designs with theme elements connected. The new square is located in the car park area in front of the cricket ground and is planned to be a new civic square. Functionally, it provides not only an open sunken plaza, stage, exhibition walls, but also a temporary space for food and drink for visitors during match and event days. The square features statues with sport elements, fountain and channel to guide people.

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In Saint-Denis, an industrial city in transition, despite the great demand for housing, everyone needs a place to rest and enjoy the beautiful and fresh nature and has an opportunity to remind history. In addition, there are the outdoor green spaces, the renovation of the industrial remains, and the connection to the riverbank, and they offer several possibilities for diverse social spaces for residents. This project aims to transfer a wasted land into a neighborhood public area, to make aconnation with the surrounding environment and to increase the property value. The new buildings include the residential area for 250-300 apartments, a kindergarten and the renovation of the existing warehouse (community center) and a cement house, as well as the new planning for the community green park at the north of the site.