Prior to studying at Manchester Metropolitan University I previously completed a degree in Architectural Technology at Sheffield Hallam University. During this time my interest in urban environments and their design became increasingly profound. This was largely due to the way the previous course was structured, with an almost equal split between design and technology based work. Another factor which has enthused my interest in Urban Design is coming from a small rural village. With urban areas being unfamiliar to me for a large part of my life; the whole concept of existing within such a large environment, and the diversity of the social and economic factors this brings will always be exciting and engaging to me.

Although my previous education was split between design and technology based work, I wanted to further my design capabilities and the theories that exist within this. I therefore chose to study an MA in Architecture and Urbanism at Manchester Metropolitan University. Within this course I have tried to focus on and improve my knowledge within areas that I previously only held an interest in. These particular areas have mostly been based around providing housing for people who are less fortunate. Whether that be through providing a new space for artists within my design thesis project or how the private rented sector effects council housing within my dissertation. I feel this course has hugely improved my ability to design and my knowledge of urbanist theories and I therefore hope to take these things into my future career.

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