1. The first project location is in ancoats and new islington. As an old industrial area in Manchester City, Ancoats has great potential for development. Utilizing the resources of industrial buildings and canals, the entire area can be revival. New islington is a new residential area close to the city center. How can the two communities merge and develop together is the most important thing for this project.

2. The second project is located in miles platting, two kilometers away from the Manchester city center. It used to be a prosperous industrial area. But also because of the factory, the natural environment in this area has become very harsh. The number of workers is very large, the living environment is crowded, and the building density is high. Later, with the gradual decline of the industrial area, it was slowly transformed into a residential area. The old houses here are mainly social housing, and there are some high quality new houses along the canal. It is very important for the old and new residents to integrate well in this area. There is a large area of greening in the area along the canal, which has great potential. My plan is to use the greenery along the river to create new public spaces and landscapes for the residents of the community. So that the neighbors can spend their leisure time here.