Feeding the City

What brings inclusivity? As human nature, we enjoy socially drinking and eating with friends and family. The Irk Valley Farm & Market is a proposed new active centre within the Lower Irk Valley which focuses on food that brings us together. As the heart of the valley, the Irk Line will connect the food and leisure destination and will expand the food offering, but also, build upon Manchester’s existing food & drinks culture. It provides the opportunity to socially recycle the economy.

The project focuses on ‘shared ownership’ model through farming and trading, which shifts away from the ‘totalitarian’ mode of regeneration projects, benefitting the community as a collective and encouraging a participatory-approach. The Market, the Food hall and the Vertical farm, are all productions of the this sustainable economic model – the food is the catalyst for change – and the produced product is reinvested into the Irk Valley and the wider Greater Manchester area.