This project sits at the end of Stretford Road, it encompasses a housing structure and a self-regenerating start up high street. The housing takes inspiration from ancient Kurdish cities and looks to question our pre-conceived notions on space and privacy through the overlapping / absence of boundaries and thresholds between housing units. This is achieved through following the Kurdish precedent and creating walkways through the roof plan of the previous floor.

An overarching aim of the project was to close the gap between the user and the built environment through moments of interactions and a structure that was immediately understandable visually, this is emphasised through the use of supergraphics in the envelope which give the building its stark visual style, creating a building that is instantly more easy and fun to navigate than one with a typical signage scheme.

The start-up business side of the project focused on creating a micro-economy within the area to encourage social movement in the area. The cycle of business creation and relocation on site aims to economically lift the area through establishing the site as a hub and using outside interest to fuel investments into local people and businesses.

The final image shows a recent project undertaken in reaction to the destruction of the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol, looking at how to repurpose the site to better showcase the modern values of the city.

On top of my work through university I have been involved in many projects outside of the prescribed course. This year I was the chair of the Manchester Student Society of Architecture, overseeing the many sub-groups that fall under it and helping to organise events and talks for the student body.