Pomona Island’s History, Art and Nature Centre ;

Representing Pomona Island’s Past, Present and Future Through Ground Strata.

   This project focuses on revamping Pomona Island; a wasteland located in central Manchester.  This island is rich with biodiversity and history. Therefore, it is important to conserve its biodiversity by choosing a site with the least flora diversity and limiting the area of intervention. In order to celebrate its past, present and its potential for the future, a Centre for History, Art and Nature is proposed in order to represent Pomona Island in these three periods of time.

   Adhering to the concept of layering “time” through ground strata, it’s programmes which represent time periods are represented underground, ground level and above ground (elevated structure). It’s past is recalled by reusing the existing tunnel underground and exhibiting snippets of its history especially during the industrial era. It’s present is defined by its graffiti art culture and biodiversity which are exhibited through an art gallery and nature museum. It’s future is defined by a hope for deeper appreciation for flora and fauna. In order to encourage a closer relationship between humans and other species, a view of the surrounding environment from a terrace which hovers  slightly above the canal is provided to visitors. Besides, a Bird’s Facade is integrated into the scheme as a provision of habitat for the vast bird species on the island. This concept is taken from the principle of Posthumanism which displaces human beings from a place of privilege and incorporates the needs of animal and plant species into architecture. This division of programmes as a representation of time are placed underground, ground level and above ground (elevated structure) consecutively.