My focus within Continuity in Architecture has been the relationship between the user and their urban environment, in order to create a structure that pays homage to the cultural heritage of the place whilst initiating a sense of community. We consider buildings as resprentative of the city, shaping the urban fabric of the space, taking inspiration from the work of Schumacher in this idea of solids and voids. This has enabled me to explore the tensions between 'enclosure and exposure' to create a fluid relationship between the Quarry and the town of Shrewsbury, reflective in the choice of materiality and form. The library structure is defined by the pockets of landscaping integrated within the massing, which are seperated into public and private spaces. This allows for a flexible space which can host a variety of programmes that instigates activities and events. 

The form took inspiration from the topography of the site from the river to the town and then deconstructed to form two opposing slopes going owards. This still creates a layered effect and subtly contrasts with the neighbouring structure, without seeming out of place - becoming a dynamic feature in the townscape of Shrewsbury.