'Non-Citizen of Places'

My Thesis project focuses on the issue of Asylum Seeker identity adaptation within the theory of [Non-] Placeness based on deeply personal experiences. By critiquing the existing state of the UK Immigration System, the institutionalised design of Asylum Seeker temporary accommodation, and the interdependent relationship between Personal Identity and Urban Identity of British cities, my work aims to draw attention to matters that remain unnoticed otherwise. 

Presented below are extracts from my Graphic Novel that tells a story of an Asylum Seeker from Arrival to Citizenship, by applying National identity symbolism as design methodology. The artistic format was chosen as an affective method of communication and presentation to a wider audience. 

Being part of &rchitecture atelier gave me an opportunity to apply Architectural tools and theories to create unconventional artistic and Architectural responses that address issues that matter to me personally, and expanded the meaning of Architecture and the understanding of my role as a future Architect. 

The website content produced throughout the year uses a range of artistic methodologies to communicate issues of [non-] belonging, mental struggles, expression of identity, fragmentation of identity, and more.

The perceptive videos of two of my performance acts are presented below, please contact me for more videos, collages, and the full version of the Graphic Novel.

My areas of interest include Urbanism, User-Centred Design, Socially Conscious Architecture, Architectural Psychology.