At the present; at the time when humanity’s growth is at its uttermost, global warming and the issue of environmental degradation manifest themselves. The current epoch has been characterised by atmospheric pollution and has seen architecture and buildings as a means of providing a barrier to the exterior environmental conditions. That is, architecture has focused on providing humans protection from the environment, but little consideration has been given to the protection of the environment.

  The Pentagon Towers is a project that focuses on the above issue and aims to acquire a collaborative approach to the environment, while simultaneously ensuring the health of the users of the building. This is achieved by the application of a natural air filtration method; vegetation layers situated across the perimeter of each floor filter the polluted air entering the building (allowing internal comfort) and re-filter the air exhaled by the building’s users before it returns to the exterior. In this way The Pentagon Towers Project aims the integration of the environment in architecture and ensures the comfort of the users of the building.

The project intended to be a natural air filter and a social attractor for Manchester. The project consists of two towers whose upper floors are connected by bridges. The open area between the two towers allows space for circulation and enables the participation of the public. Also, the vegetated atria and the viewing platform at the top of the highest tower further allow public participation and add to the aim of the project to act as a social attractor. The program of the towers varies from retail to offices, banks, gyms, restaurants and bars.