In the center of Stoke, where once been called ‘ The pottery,’ there is an isolated industrial area. This site is currently a place for warehouses and small factories, and almost all the buildings are within low quality, a few buildings are even abandoned, as well as an industrial heritage. In order to activate the energy of this site, highlight the identity of Stoke, and attract graduates and the talents to work in Stoke, this site is going to be redefined as a new creative working area.

In addition, there is an industrial heritage located in this region, which is abandoned.Thus, to protect the industrial heritage and highlight Stoke’s identity, the building will be regenerated in this project.

This industrial heritage is Dolby Pottery Factory, and it was a small pottery factory located on the Trent and Mersey Canal bank. The whole architecture is abandoned, and in terrible conditions, some walls were disappeared, exposing the steel structures in the air. The kiln is a special free-standing kiln with a square base to hovel, rising to oval, and then a cylindrical cap worthy of protection. Still, now it just stands beside the canal silently, covered with weeds, and nobody come to admire it. 

This regeneration will transfer this abandoned old factory into a monumental building, including a pottery museum, gallery, pottery workshop, and restaurant, etc.

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