I am Vasiliki Iakovaki, an architect engineer from Greece


My thesis project is located in Larissa city, a medium size town in the Center of Greece.Larissa is a city with a rich historical, cultural and architectural heritage. Frourio Hill is the historic center of the city and it is located on a cliff next to Pineios River. 

The project examines how the development of the riverside area will enhance the urban heritage of the city. The main objective is to revive the areas with cultural interest and connect them with the social and economic life of the city.  This research aims to restore the loss identity of the city and to create a multi – functional core. This core creates a network between Pineios River, Frourio Hill and City center based on  urban heritage principles. This network aims to solve the urgent problems that the area is dealing with by preserving the identity of the city.


Link: https://issuu.com/vasilikiiakovaki/docs/dissertation_vasiliki_iakovaki_19088978

During the 20th century, historic districts have been a significant aspect of urban planning due to their cultural heritage and their distinctive urban fabric. Over the years, urban conservation has been a term that expanded to other fields for addressing the requirements of modern cities. In the last few decades, it was associated with sustainability for promoting human development and improving quality of life. The aim of the research is to examine how the implementation of a sustainable urban design into a historic area preserves the local heritage of a city. The two objectives of the study are to emphasize the need for urban planners, architects and local authorities to rethink their vision of historic areas and to examine the impact of sustainable design on a historic area. The research focuses on the historic center of Larisa city to establishe an argument about the managementof historic cities and the importance of applying sustainable principles to conservation interventions.