Our graduation design originates from the discovery of social problems in Venice Island. Through the preliminary investigation and interview, we positioned the design content as the urban unit located on the cross-sea bridge.In S2 we tried the layout of the units, and in S3 we focused on connecting the units and designing the entrances and exits.The whole project from ST1 to ST3 was a very long process, during which we suffered from the Corona Virus, but my teammate Jiacheng and I really enjoyed the precious cooperation, from the conception of the idea to the modeling, and then to the exploration of new design directions separately. This experience was very cool, and I learned a lot from it.We have completed a very large urban design, and from a structural and functional point of view, the project is integrated with reality and can be built in reality At the same time, I would also like to thank all the teachers in USE. Your coming has provided me with a lot of novel but practical ideas, which has benefited me a lot.