Project description

North Blackpool Masterplan and key space

Focusing on the key objectives outlined from the urban analysis of Blackpool and a chosen theory, ‘ Cities for a Small Planet’ by Richard Rogers, a masterplan for a 34 hectares area located North-East Blackpool was developed aiming to emphasise a compact model city that incorporates the need for social integration, mixed-used developments,  a well-connected transport system and public open spaces network.  As a result, North Blackpool Pond Masterplan was designed to generate a sustainable urban eco-system that incorporates the appropriate amount of services, businesses and residences accessible to new and existing communities as well as introducing a key public space.

The key space,  Holyake Avenue Square,  was primarily designed to promote social interaction, enhance the local biodiversity as well as improving pedestrian circulation North and South of the site. Holyake Avenue Square consists of a pedestrian bridge, leisure centre and landscape scheme. The landscape scheme introduces a wide selection of native species collected from the surrounding bioswale, woodland buffers and parks in addition to incorporating pedestrian links that allow access to different centres of the site.

The area focuses on creating strong social cohesion that is achieved by offering spaces of recreation and promoting health and well-being within the open public park, the square and the leisure centre. The open square is a community-friendly space that aims to promote social interaction as well as being a central node for the concentration of pedestrian movement. The combination of the three architectural inclusive design elements promote a space for events and activities, remove social barriers in the community, improve mental and physical health in addition to  increasing the local biodiversity.


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