This project started with exploring difference, adopting different artistic methodologies as a starting point to exploring architecture in a non-tradtional way. By making and doing, in doing so attempt to create affects, it led me to question architecture and its focus on visual qualities.  To be inclusive means that all should enjoy architecture, and for people with disabilities such as visual impairments, sound becomes a main way of experiencing architecture.

Understanding that soundscapes can form a sense of place led to exploring sound based design in a different way. Instead of exploring the way to recreate a space with sounds, It attemtpts to create a sense of place through evoking memories, and experiences through sound. A narrative based methodology was applied to recreating the space of the first piece (The Atrium), which formed the base of the other pieces. It teaches the player to listen to the sounds that are within a space (Deep Listening). The ‘Sonic Rupture’ of the Urban Environment, enabled a clear methodology in which sound can be manipulated, played with a purpose and each of the pieces explore a different method and a different purpose. 

The Urban Environment is filled with an overwhleming amount of noise and sound, it is a space that archtiects should consider but do not. This project has shed some light into how sound can be used within design, albeit in a virtual world, I hope that the sonic environment in the real physical world can one day be really manipulated, changed and toyed with much like how we do with material architecture.