WITHINGTON – Residential Well-being Complex

Providing a home for everyone, my scheme seeks to create a comfortable and inviting environment for people to reside, however, this is not at the expense of existing nature on site. The fundamental focus of my project was the conservation of existing trees and increasing green spaces to further encourage wildlife to prosper.

During the recent pandemic, I felt it necessary to consider the need for social distancing, spatially altering movement patterns and social interactions on a personal and public scale. I have employed 2-meter distancing where possible, providing 2.5-meter paths around site, a large 3-meter raised viewing platform and multiple balconies to safely encourage neighbourly interactions. The multitude of greenery provided on site offers a means of escape and a sense of well-being, keeping everyone connected with the outdoors.

Working from home was a continuous focus of the project. Due to current demographic needs, the central hub provides many public workspaces. The importance of working from home has been further enhanced through the pandemic conditions, meaning that workspaces within individual homes have become even more of a priority. This is something I have tried to accommodate where possible.

With a sustained focus, the scheme aims to educate residents and encourage them to grow, sell, and compost produce. In the hub further lessons of horticulture can be taught as a fun and innovative way to bring people together and to introduce a starting point towards a sustained circular economy.         

Focussing on community and collaboration, it is of the utmost importance to note that the site works collaboratively to ensure that the environment remains a priority. The strong community ethos that I am trying to synthesize ensures that all communal areas remain accessible to all.