EcoWork - A symbol of nature within the urban jungle. Aiming to improve mental health, providing comfortable working environments and establishing work-life balance amongst its users, EcoWork acts as a central co-working hub, aiming to connect the neighbouring community by providing adaptable workspaces to fit the needs of freelancers, small businesses and students as it is surrounded by residential and commercial buildings.

This contemporary office building situated along the Mancunian Way consists of 48 storeys. Standing among red brick buildings and shiny skyscrapers, the parametric louver façade gives the building a distinguishable identity amidst the skyline of Manchester. Separated into stacks of three floors each, each stack shares a central atrium accessible via a central staircase, encouraging movement, visual connection and communication across the open plan workspaces. Ecowork’s structure apart from the three concrete cores, is made entirely out of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) which has an ability to reduce stress and anxiety by bringing nature into the urban workspace. Energy efficiency is also improved as timber is a good insulator. 

The theme of nature is evident by the incorporation of verdure throughout the building. The fully-glazed building allows ample amount of natural daylight into the space. Moreover, the louvers act as shading devices to minimise glare on the south façade and the higher floors. As EcoWork is situated along the Mancunian way, terraces are placed along the site closest to the motorway to serve as a noise buffer whilst promoting a closer interaction between users with nature on each floor. 



Click on the links below for VR visuals of the :

Focus Spaces

Central Atriums