A social housing proposal for a site in Withington, Manchester that combines food production and water collection to create a self-sufficient, environmentally-sensitive cohousing community. Constructed to Passivhaus standard, the technical strategy of this project has long term sustainability at its core.

The scheme is designed for all physical abilities with minimal floor level changes and easy-to-navigate interstitial spaces. Priority bungalows, located in the centre of the scheme, are provided for disabled and elderly residents with adjacent priority parking. Electric car charging points have also been incorporated to encourage the purchase and use of electric cars. The building layout discourages crime through natural surveillance due to the overlooking nature of peripheral flats.

Internally, the accommodation is spacious and open plan with plenty of natural daylighting. Each property has private outdoor space in the form of balconies or gardens. Multifunctional communal rooms and green areas provide great shared spaces.