DELIVERING THE FUTURE! A proposal exploring a future scenario for Newry High Street following the takeover of logistics giant Amazon and their delivery technologies, in response to the research question: Using a Future Post Brexit Ireland as a test bed, due to the disruption which BREXIT will bring to Ireland’s logistics network and in context of future spending and shopping trends, how can cities of the future be optimised for last mile delivery? Focussing on how the use of emerging robotics and automated technology in logistics could potentially shape the urban landscape of our cities, our society and our general day to day life as we know it.

The proposal explores how future digital technologies such as Drone Delivery, Virtual Shopping, Urban Fulfilment Solutions and the Future Marketplace can be integrated into existing analogue spaces such as a traditional high street and its buildings. Interrogating how these two separate worlds could either work together in harmony, optimising the available space, or clash against each other, battling for space within the high street. Also touching on methods of protecting listed buildings, such as Newry Cathedral, from these technologies to preserve their heritage and the history in which they hold for future generations to enjoy.

This proposal stemmed from my interest in robotics, especially in logistics and how spaces, cities and society would need to adapt around the introduction of these technologies, especially the ones being tested by Amazon. With their pretty amazing variety of design patents from drone design, to beehive like fulfilment towers, all the way to flying warehouses in the sky. Which I combined with another interest of mine and a very current problem which is the revitalisation of our high streets, resulting in; DELIVERING THE FUTURE!